In the age of the pandemic it should be a welcome relief to be able to bring those cars out to large gatherings and meet new friends and see old ones as well as we return to a normal. The SPN 2021 was a sccess in that we were able to have the show and it didn't rain. The threat was there but rain was a no-show at the event. Due to the uncertainty of the events we are all living through we are getting a later than normal start this year but are very hopeful to have a good showing at this years event.

Since the 2021 show and shine several new resturants have changed ownership or opened in the downtown area. Expect to be able to have an enjoyable breakfast or lunch within walking distance from the show. 

Also within walking distance is the Sequim Open Air Market one block over from the show. Take a moment to visit and perhaps acquire some local treasures from the local Sequim area at the market.

Vehicles from the earliest days of automotive history and up to and including 1982 cars are welcome to register and attend the event. Each year we move the ending year one more year to include later model vehicles.

At this moment updates to the show and shine can be found on the Sequim Prairie Nights Facebook page. Again this year we will be offering a piece of local memorabilia, the second side of the Sequim 76 Union Gas station sign from the heart of town. It will be auctioned via silent auction with a starting bid of $300 and continueing in $100 increments. The winner can claim their sign at the end of the event. Delivery might be possible if local to Sequim. 

In addition to the 76 Union sign there will be drawings throughout the day for items donated for the event, Proceeds from the 76 Union sign and drawings are solely for the Sequim High School scholarship fund in their entireity. We will annouce on the SPN Facebook page the recipients of this years scholarships from the proceeds of the 2021 event as soon as they are finalized.

All entrants will receive a VERY nice commemortive hat as in years past with the current events date embroidered on the front. Also a current Dash Plaque is provided to all entrants.  Prior year hats and Dash Plaques are available as well and will be available at the event in limited year quantities.

Due to health concerns our local gentleman that has provided wooden cars for the younger visitors has been unable to provide them this year. We look forward to bringing that bit of Sequim Prairie Nights back in the year to come.